an, hangingIran has hanged sixteen rebels as payback for the killing of 14 of its border guards during an ambush, said news agencies in Iran.

The rebels that were executed had been linked to different groups that have been hostile to the Iranian government, said the Sistan Baluchistan province attorney general.

The 16 were hanged in Zahedan, which is northeast of Saravan. The hangings took place in a prison. The area is where the deaths of the border guards took place the night before. It remains unclear what link, if any at all, those who were hanged had to the border attack on the guards.

One news report suggested they may have already have been sentenced, but had their execution dates changed following the ambush of the border guards.

The attack on the border guards took place in a region that is mountainous near Saravan, close to the of Pakistan.

However, reports that a group of rebels known as Jeish Al-Adl claimed they were responsible for the border attack was not confirmed.

A committee in parliament on the country’s security will investigate the attack Sunday, through meeting with relevant officials, said a member of the committee outside a government office on Saturday.

A Sunni group that was armed, known as the Jundallah, carried out many attacks over recent years. The population of Sunni Muslims in the province of Sistan-Baluchistan has complained of being discriminated against by the Shia establishment in Iran.

Fourteen or more border guards had been killed in Friday night’s ambush reports said but 17 had been reported previously to have died in the attack. Others were wounded but survived the attack, said the Iranian Students News Agency.

The area has had frequent clashes over recent years that have been deadly. Iran is on a route for drug trafficking between Europe and Afghanistan.

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