Astronauts will soon be adorning smart glasses that will help in provision of training while on Earth. This is according to NASA who indicated that being a hands free device, astronauts would do their job to perfection. “The glasses have the ability to provide overlay digital markers on images of equipment for purposes of taking record of progress during repairs”. NASA explained and further stated that the projection of an image by the glasses is equal to viewing a 55-inch screen located at an eight feet distance.

The device would also act as a reminder for astronauts and any other space traveler not to eliminate certain pieces during the repair works.The Osterhout Design Group (ODG) who is the developer of these smart glasses cited that astronauts will be able to track their activities without having to use their hands since there will be an electronic checklist within the glass.

Smart Glasses for Astronauts on a mission to International Space Station

Reports have is that NASA is planning to have the device tested in the Gulf of Mexico later in the year and in its giant underwater training facility. Thereafter and if all is proved to be well, the astronauts will hit the International Space Station (ISS) with the glasses. It will also help them in making the space flight more manageable. It is expected that in the future which is manufactured by San Francisco-based ODG will come in handy in landing humans on asteroids and Mars.

The glasses whose parts include a processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and sensors which help the use in figuring out where they are looking has been on primary use by several US military agencies.

NASA and ODG have both teamed efforts in seeking to advance the current technology. This however reveals some levels of confidence in them and a promise of making the augmented technology a reality.

The manager of new business development at NASA Sean Carter, however acknowledges the fact that training would be required and does not miss out the point that there would be a lot of staggering in the mounts of savings required for training.

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  1. Christine

    First line “Astronauts will soon be ADORNING (sic) smart glasses….”. I’d like to see a picture of these smart glasses wearing an astronaut! I suggest that the author of this article, and the editor, get a dictionary and look up words of which they are not sure they know the correct meaning or usage.


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