Success rates of Anti- Alcoholic Rehabilitation Program are usually low with incidence of relapse being particularly high. However a new and novel Smartphone app takes on the issue of relapse literally by its horns. A brain child of David Gustafson, industrial engineering and preventive medicine professor at the University of Wisconsin and he has been testing the effectiveness of his app on 271 adults during the course of a year.

The app has been aptly named as A-CHESS or the Sober App. A-CHESS is the acronym of Addiction-Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System.  The App also features a panic button which users can press to reach out to others when they feel the urge to drink becomes overpowering.

David has obtained very good results with the app and says that people who use the app are 65% more likely to abstain from drinking as compared to the traditional recovery methods which includes group support.

The app is customized for each individual and has a GPS tracking which alerts the user as soon as he nears a liquor outlet. One of the most important features of the app is that it can network with others who had experienced the same treatment program. So the recouping alcoholic can straight away contact a range of peers that he could lean on for emotional support if need be.

The app continuously texts or voice mails the person and if the answers are worrying, a counselor is immediately contacted to help the alcoholic. When the panic button is pressed, the app offers exercises which will calm the alcoholic who is recovering from his addiction.

A-CHESS gives the alcoholic a real time tool which will help him tread the lonely road to de- addiction.  The app by itself will not suffice but with appropriate help from family and society it can be very useful in pulling a person out of the rut of alcoholism.


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