The idea seems very far off, but the small company based in Idaho, US has been working on prototypes for a few years and believe this can be a real thing in the world. Currently, the project has $1.9 million in backing on IndieGogo and we bet a few companies want to invest in the startup too.

Roads have been built the same way ever since cars took over from horses, but now that we are in an age of renewable energy and electricity over paint and tarmac, Solar Roadways wants to change how roads are built and create more utility in roads, using solar panels.

Instead of roads just functioning for cars, what if the road could power nearby lights and even nearby stores. What if ever piece of road had its own solar panel collecting energy and sending it to a grid, lowering the need for fossil fuels and other energy sources?

This is the questions Solar Roadways are asking and while the IndieGogo campaign is just to keep the project alive, in the near future the startup wants their goal to be realised, to have solar roadways on the roads of the United States, revolutionizing roads for the first time in a century.

The solar roadways wouldn’t just take in energy from the Sun though, that would be too little to ask. The startup says the solar panels will also clear all snow from the roads and offers small LED lights inside the solar road, allowing the city to make LED crossings, yellow lines and other road signs.

This is another moonshot goal that we would love to see become a reality, even if it just happens in one community in the United States. If one state or community pilots the program and its a success, we might see Solar Roadways grow into an international company, paving the way to a brighter future.

Source: Solar Roadways

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