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Unless you have personally seen a ghost you are probably a skeptic yourself. When you travel or hang around with a group of people, especially around a campfire at night, someone will always bring up a supposedly true horror story or ghost yarn to scare the others a bit. We get nervous laughter from being scared and that is one of the reasons why scary movies do so well at the box office year in and year out. People love a delicious scare. This explains the popularity of the going to the worldís most haunted places voluntarily.

There are all manner of ghost sightings everywhere you turn these days so it would be pretty hard to try and list them all specifically. Generally however, there are certain types of places that could qualify as the top types of most haunted places.

Old, run down gothic mansions are fairly iconic, but where can you find these anymore? They just donít exist. With real estate prices as high as they are, even an entire family getting their guts ripped out in their sleep would not deter some frantic yuppie couple intent on a home buying bargain from purchasing that house and renovating it. Why, it would probably add to the value and the happy yuppies would have a SÈance Party and invite all their friends while a fake medium tried to contact souls from the great beyond.

Abandoned insane asylums are usually thought of as some of the most haunted places in the world, though I have never actually seen one up close. I can imagine however that they are creepy and there are those ghost chaser shows that seem to be on every cable channel these days with guys walking around abandoned mental hospitals waving cameras around with infrared devices so they can see in the dark. These shows can be somewhat creepy but there are so many of them that they instantly lose their credibility. If there were that many ghosts around we would all be hiding under our covers every night, shaking in our boots.

Old churches seem to be good candidates for the worldís most haunted places. This is probably because they are big and drafty and dark for the most part. I canít really imagine a ghost wanting to spend any part of their after life in a church however. That would be one dull ghost.

Graveyards are maybe the most obvious of the worldís most haunted places, but even those have changed. Modern cemeteries look more like childrenís parks than places where ghosts and ghouls come out at night. There are not even gravestones anymore. Those have been replaced for the most part with flat grave markers.

It seems like ghosts are having a hard time finding a place to call home these days and I for one am sorry about it. Let the spirits roam, I say, we need some delicious scares in our lives.

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