Sony Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:SNE)’s Sony Corp Pictures, the besieged US-based movie maker continues to struggle with an IT network being patched by global experts in cyber forensics. It is yet to be established if the act was carried out as claimed by the organization Guardian of Peace, GOP, or was state-sponsored terrorism from across the borders by North Korea.

The cyber-attack wiped out all data stored on the network.

However there is increasing evidence to prove that it may most certainly be the work of ‘discontented’ workers who were discriminated by the establishment.

However, more disturbing nature of the cyber-attack which leaked data such as email IDs and yet-to-be released movies via file-sharing networks; is the latest threats to employees of Sony.

Sony Employees Threatened

On Friday, Sony employees have allegedly received ‘bizarre emails’ threatening them and their families. The emails have instructed employees to be sympathetic with the hackers, or face the consequences.

The revelations by the hackers include home addresses, besides social security numbers of the 47,000 or more employees as well as salary details besides health records.

But authorities are currently not able to establish if the threatening emails are from GOP or third-parties at play, seizing the moment to play havoc.

FBI continues to investigate the cyber-attack and was one of the first to propose the theory that the attack may have originated from the North Koreans. Following requests and appeals by the Communist government to defer the release of the movie, named ‘The Interview, made about the assassination of their country’s leader by Sony Pictures.

However, North Korea ever since the allegations have been made, has been denying direct role in the cyber-crime.

Beside, In its latest commentary the North Korean government has categorically denied any role. But they did substantiate that they endorse the attack, if made by their supporters, outside of their knowledge and backing.

One of the best known names in cyber diagnostics, Mandia, who currently owns Fire Eye Inc., and FBI spokesperson Joshua Campbell concur that the attack was made easy and remained unnoticed because of the standard anti-virus that the organization had deployed.

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