Sony Corp. has sold its timeworn old asset, Sony Online Entertainment to a New York-based firm, Columbus Nuvo. Sony Online Entertainment, which has now been renamed as Daybreak Gaming Company, is an Internet gaming company established by the Sony Corp. back in the year 1990. It is same company that once brought us the famous EverQuest online game.

Even though the Columbus Nuvo changed the name from SOE to Daybreak Gaming Company, the firm assured about keeping all the games intact and there forever. “All of our games are still here and will continue to be,” Daybreak president John Smedley wrote on Twitter. However, the company is working on to bring the latest sequel of the EverQuest game, EverQuest Next. EverQuest was apparently one of the most famous game at the time of launch, and was one that competed with World of Warcraft title.

“We determined it was in the best interest of both entities to allow the studio to realize its full potential as a multi-platform online gaming company,” Sousuke Kamei, a spokesman at Sony’s Tokyo headquarters, said via email.

“The environment surrounding the game industry is always challenging, and we are doing a review of our business on a regular basis. As part of it, we decided to sell SOE for strengthening the overall business quality in order to increase higher profitability,” Kamei said.

There have been no financial details or even a hint of it. But the Columbus Nuvo is one that has always remained in the shadow of several mobile and PlayStation games. It is the one that has laid foundation of many titles that we often love to play on our gaming console. Columbus Nuvo is also going to use this latest acquisition for developing new games.

Columbus Nuvo was founded back in the year 2000, and has assets worth $15 billion.


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