Sony is already a few millions units ahead of Microsoft in the console war, with the PS4 taking an early lead in consumer satisfaction and worldwide sales. This is not enough for the Japanese company, announcing a new product for the living room to take on the Apple and Roku TV, named the PlayStation TV.

The announcement was made near the end of Sony’s press conference at E3 2014 and revealed Sony’s plan to integrate PlayStation Now into the streaming device, allowing users to not only watch their favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu Plus and other services, but to play classic titles from the PS1, PSP and PS Vita.

For those that think the library for the classic games will be small, PlayStation executives are promising “nearly 1,000 games that PlayStation TV owners will have access to at launch,” a pretty huge library compared to other game streaming devices like the Ouya, OnLive and GameStick. 

Sony will be offering the PlayStation TV alongside a Dualshock 3 controller, HDMI cable, 8GB memory card and a copy of LEGO Movie: The Video Game, all for $140. This promotional offer is pretty good for only $40 more, but doesn’t really fit together, the LEGO Movie: The Video Game is a decent game for anyone who enjoys Lego.

PlayStation Now allows Sony to implement the new streaming technology onto the PlayStation TV. No word on when the streaming device will be able to stream PS2 and PS3 games, like Sony confirmed would be coming to PlayStation Now in the near future. We expect around the time beta is finished we will see more games in the library.

The PlayStation TV will be coming to Japan first and Sony revealed no dates for the United States or Europe. It is an interesting device, we are excited to see launch partners for the PlayStation TV.

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