All of the three major companies in the entertainment market, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, took the center stage at the E3 to unveil some of the exciting titles. However, none of them launched a new console during the event, except Sony. The company announced the availability of PlayStation TV in the US and Europe.

Even though none of the companies introduced an upgraded or newer version of their gaming consoles, Sony and Microsoft revealed some of the exciting titles at the E3. Sony introduced Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto 4 and few other exciting titles for its gaming console. The company also announced the availability of the PlayStation TV, a device capable of streaming the PlayStation game play on TV, in the US and Europe.

Microsoft, on the other hand, along with the new titles also announced some of the major changes it did with the current policies. The Redmond giant introduced a master pack of all four Halo games, which also includes an access to the Halo 5: Guardians beta version, Fable: Legends, Crackdown, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2.

The company said that the new policies now allow anyone to sell the game and the console need not to authenticate itself on the servers every 24 hours, where on the other hand,  Sony introduced a new way of inviting friends to play games without having them own the title.

Sony also demoed its project Morpheus, a virtual reality headset, which company claims to become the future of gaming. Sony is expected to announce the future version of it which will be capable of running the console level games.

Even though Microsoft performed very well at the E3, the PlayStation was in the prime focus of the entire conference. Unarguably, PlayStation 4 is best selling console Sony has ever manufactured. It has already crossed the mark of 7 million units and is expected to grow further in the coming few days.

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