Sony Pictures was hit by a hack, due to which the employees had to shut their computers on Monday. On the second day too, they remain shut. The online cyber attack has made the employees at Culver City studio unable to log on to their computers. The employees are now working on paper and pens, using landline phones and continuing work. All the other branches have however remained totally unaffected of this attack. The hackers claimed to have obtained Sony Pictures’ internal data, including its secrets.

A hacker group has taken responsibility and even left a message comprised of threat lists and a red skeleton. It also had a message on computer screens of the staff claiming the hack, and the computers then shut down. The hackers have threatened the company to leak the company’s information. The hack message read, “We’ve already warned you, and this is just a beginning. We continue till our request be met…. If you don’t obey us, we’ll release the date shown below to the world.”

Sony has kept mum on the incident, saying only that it is investigating an “IT matter.” A spokeswoman at Sony Pictures said that they’ve been “working diligently to resolve a system disruption.” This is not the first cyber attack faced by Sony. It had even faced one back in August. Sony’s PlayStation Network was taken down by a DDoS attack which overwhelmed systems with traffic and made regular service temporarily unavailable. The gaming network was also the target of a more severe hack in 2011. Over 77 million PSN users’ information was compromised in the 2011 attack, and the systems were down for a month. It is yet unclear if the hacker group is following up on the given threat on day one.

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