SpaceX has successfully sent its supplies to the International Space Station, but the attempt to make Falcon rocket land at the lower stage did not go according to the planning. The aim was to make the rocket land safely at the lower stage so that it can be reused for another mission.

The rocket took off right on schedule from the Florida’s Cape Canaveral launch pad at 1310 ET (2010 UTC, 1310 PDT). The hovering clouds brought some amount of tension during the countdown, but the team of SpaceX managed to light the fires and propel the rocket.


Falcon Fails during the Second Stage

During the first stage as was planned the engines of the Falcon rocket shut down and slowly separated just three minutes prior to the rotation. The engine used cold gas thrusters for rotation and rotated at 180 degrees. To slow down the rocket engine fired up and burned for a short time. Eventually the same thrusters maneuvered the rocket horizontally to prepare it for vertical landing on the seagoing barge of SpaceX.

But during the second stage, despite the Dragon cargo capsule successfully taking off towards its destination, Canada’s sensor stations sensed the falling of the Falcon rocket back to the earth. Although the rocket is destroyed in the incidence, there are no casualties or injuries as it was unmanned.

Dragon Cargo To Be Stuffed with Science Experiments

The Dragon Cargo will deliver around 1950 kilograms supplies including an ISSpresso, a microgravity safe espresso maker and research equipment so that the researchers would be able to carry out different science experiments. The espresso maker has been specially devised and is being sent along the Cargo to enable the space station crew prepare tea or coffee in space.

The crew will need around five weeks to unpack the Dragon cargo. After unloading, the crew will then stuff it with more than 3000 pounds of trash, science experiments and other similar stuff so that it can be sent back to the Earth.

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