SpaceX, the renowned commercial space contractor is all set to launch its supply mission, including an espresso maker starting from Monday, April 13 to the International Space Station. The supply mission can be watched live at the Portland Oregon Museum of Science and Industry where it will take place.

This time SpaceX is to launch a rocket from one of its Falcon 9 range, which will carry along with it a Dragon cargo spacecraft. This spacecraft will have payloads meant for the ISS and supplies of 4,300 pounds. The payloads will include experiments aiding investigations for studying the microgravity effects on the various body cells such as bone, change in the vision of the astronauts and more.

Space Station

This undated product image made from video provided by Lavazza shows a prototype of Lavazza and Argotec’s “ISSpresso” machine. The final version will be the first real Italian espresso machine on The International Space Station. On Monday, April 13, 2015, a version of the coffee maker is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station aboard a supply capsule. LAVAZZA AP PHOTO.


Microgravity Safe Espresso Maker

The payloads will also carry a new type of material that can be possibly used as synthetic muscle in the robotic explorers. But the major attraction this time is the espresso maker, which is being especially loaded on the cargo ship from Italy for Samantha Cristoforetti, an Italian astronaut. This design of espresso maker is safe for working in the microgravity environment.

Earlier in February, SpaceX had attempted rocket launches, but owing to weather, wind, wayward boats and sensitive rocket systems, it took four attempts for the rocket to take off the ground. However, such incidences are not very common when it comes to the SpaceX supplies.

Microgravity Makes Things Weightless

When in space astronauts float around in the spacecraft and cannot walk on the floor as we do on earth. This is due to microgravity that makes things appear weightless. It is very easy to move even heavy objects from one place to another in the space where the pull of the gravity is very small or micro. That is why you can see the astronauts moving even huge objects very easily in the space.

The microgravity safe espresso maker has been designed especially for the astronauts so that they can enjoy espresso in space.

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