A high resolution, slow motion video showing CRS-6 rocket’s First Stage landing attempt has been published by Space Exploration Technologies Corporation founder and Tesla Motors CEO, Elon Musk. However, the landing did not take place as failure became evident when it was just about to pull it off.

The landing attempt that was to take place on a floating SpaceX platform vessel came after its successful mission to the International Space Station. “The stage could not remain upright after hitting the deck at a slight angle” and with too much velocity,” a report from NASA Space Flight indicated.


The report further explained this attempt to be one of the best to date. Reports have it that an earlier attempt in January had failed as well, having ended in a spectacular explosion and after hitting the platform askew then going out of control.

Another landing attempt, which took place in February, came too close to being achieved. However, the rocket came all the way to a 10 meters distance from the drone ship and in heavy seas hence the landing did not take place successfully.

Nevertheless, the landing may have failed, with the near miss on touchdown but the intended mission of supplying cargo to ISS and aboard the company’s Dragon capsule was successful. Basically, all went well.

SpaceX feels that it has overcome a major step of being able to return a Falcon 9 to Earth successfully. In addition, it still has the intent of giving it another shot. This is likely to happen after the return of the CRS-7 launch even though it is not in the near future.

Musk told FoxNews.com that SpaceX had all the capabilities and the know-how of landing on the floating barge, but various variables need to be out into consideration. Unlimited time and money are required to pull off and revolutionize space launch technology.

In the next re-launch, SpaceX is expected to try an ocean landing, even though, the hopes are high that rockets will soon start landing themselves back on solid ground.

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  1. George Weaver

    Why not put a donut shaped airbag around the center of gravity and let it submerse into water enough to stay upright?


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