Black Friday is gone and so is Cyber Monday, but that is not stopping Sprint from announcing its biggest price cut ever. The company is planning to cut the bill of any customer from Verizon or AT&T, in half. This is an important step for the #3 carrier in the United States.

Sprint plans to launch its “Cut Your Bill in Half” event on Friday, and it will provide to customers unlimited text and talk anywhere in the country while the user is on the Sprint network. Furthermore, the new plan will force Sprint to allow a subscriber to pay half the amount of the data allowance they are currently paying on a different network.

This move demonstrates that Sprint is interested in delivering the best deal in the wireless industry. To make things even more interesting, the plan is not just a promotion, it will be an ongoing price for any lucky subscriber who chooses to give Sprint a test run during this time.

Sprint also plans to pay up to $350 to help customers coming from Verizon and AT&T, who are on a contract, to terminate and switch over to its network.

What Sprint is doing right now is very interesting and should force Verizon and AT&T to respond in a big way before the end of the holiday season. A reaction from the two top carriers in the country won’t happen unless customers are actually switching over to Sprint.

Since the third largest carrier does not have similar reach when compared to the top two, we do not expect a lot of customers to jump ship. However, folks who are within the areas that Sprint is strong in might feel the need to find out what is going on with the “Cut Your Bill in Half” promotion.

Will the promotion ever end?

Well, we mentioned that Sprint views this deal as an ongoing program and not just a mere promotion. However, we should point out that the like scenario here is that Sprint might never allow this promotion to go on forever. It could eventually end in a few months or a year, so customers making the switch should bear that in mind. Source: [Sprint]

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