Steam has redesigned its game controller by adding a bunch of great features to it. Consisting of various form factors, this new prototype will be presented by the company at the upcoming Game Developers Conference in California. After releasing earlier versions of it, company made a good decision by ditching touch screen and replacing it with more buttons around the controller.

By making some over all changes in positions of buttons, company has realized that cornering of buttons around and implementation of touch screen was really a bad idea. In place of it, there now resides Steam accompanied by a ‘START’ and ‘STOP’ button, also this new form factor includes two highly sensitive touch pads with buttons beneath it.

Just like any other controller, this one also has the AXBY buttons which is accompanied by the regular AA batteries instead of built in batteries.

Steam on its Steam Community website announced that they are making ten pieces of like it for now and a statement there says, ” For those of you able to attend GDC next week, please drop by our booth, as there will be some demo stations set up with the latest prototypes for play testing and feedback gathering,”. The device is currently under the test facility of Valve and soon will be open for sales in coming days.

Steam last year released a beta version of a Linux based OS called Steam OS followed by stable release earlier this year, Steam became first to release a dedicated gaming operating system. Being an open source it is free to download and users can play games like Counter Strike.

The new controller might change gaming experience with PlayStation and Xbox 360, none of the controllers ever built had these features. It may attract a number of customers, but since its in the testing, more improvements are coming in it. .


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