Parents and school authorities, as well as children’s hospitals are battling to save the lives of many children who have come down with a strange illness in Colorado. This strange illness causes severe respiratory problems in children, and they end up being hospitalized where medical doctors battle to save their lives or at least treat the condition to relieve the young ones of their pains.

Over 900 affected children have been treated at the Children’s Hospital in Colorado since the disease broke out in August, and several others are treated in other hospitals within the state. Although no deaths have been reported so far, the strange illness has made infected children very unpleasant and uncomfortable.

This children’s disease shows symptoms like body aches, sneezing, coughing, difficulty in breathing, and this is all the more life-threatening for children that are already asthmatic. In fact, doctors adopt asthma treatments to treat such asthmatic children, and adopt a myriad of other solutions to treat others.

Doctors believe this children’s disease must be the HEV68, a rare children’s disease that occurred in 1962 in California, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that the current ailment might be a strain of the HEV68 virus. There is currently no vaccine for this HEV68 viral infection, but doctors warn that washing hands often might ward off the germs causing the children’s disease.

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