A recent study suggests that young children should be allowed to play tackle football. The game involves serious head injuries that can be fatal for young players more than for adults. The Boston University School of Medicine formed a researchers group that studied retired football players from the National Football League. The study demonstrated that if players were exposed to the game before the age of 12, they performed 20% worse compared to the others who did not play tackle football when young.

Researchers chose 42 retired NFL players from the age group between 40 and 60 years. As part of the study, the players were divided into two groups of those who played tackle football under the age of 12 years, and those at or after that age. The study involved the players to undergo several tests that aimed at determining the mental abilities of the players. The scientists tested their brain functions for reasoning, problem-solving, concentration and memory.

Scientists discovered that participants who played football before the age of 12 were still at an important development stage of the brain. The slowed development, doubled with the consistent head banging that players still experienced as players, pose a threat to the complete development of the brains of these players. The study concluded that these players are at increased risks of several problems in the future, as they grow up.

Nevertheless, the scientists also argued that the number of participants in the study was few and more importantly, were restricted to a special case. The subjects did not consist of any part of the local population. However, the chosen study participants are undeniably an important part of the study, researchers said. They continued that although much more research is needed on the subject, it is advisable that young children stick to other kinds of football to avoid problems in the development stage of their brains.

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