A new study has stated that moderate drinking can be beneficial to only a few people. Research by scientists shows that consumption of alcohol on a daily basis may indeed be beneficial to a few. The study states that 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day for men could result in decreased risk of coronary heart disease. However, this doesn’t suit in all cases the researchers mention. It has been proven to be valid for only around 15 percent of the people on whom the research was conducted and tested.

There are certain type of people, who have a very typical and specific genotype, to which alcohol perhaps works in favor. These people only form 15 percent of the overall populous in the world say the scientists.

The co-author of the study, professor Lauren Lissner explains saying, “Moderate drinking alone does not have a strong protective effect. Nor does this particular genotype. But the combination of the two appears to significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Assuming that we are able to describe these mechanisms, it may be a simple matter one day to perform genetic testing and determine whether someone belongs to the lucky 15 percent. That would be useful to know when offering advice on healthy alcohol consumption.” This probably proves that proverb saying a glass of wine a day, keeps heart risks at bay, partially to be true, in a very minor populous.

The study was conducted considering 618 patients, all of which were below 75 years of age, and of both sexes. It comprised of 453 men and 165 women. They were all questioned upon their drinking habits, of all type of alcoholic beverages were taken into account. Some of them tested well with the consumption of alcohol, whereas it was proven to be harmful and of damage to others.

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