Researchers have come up with a stirring finding that could also change the way people behave and view life. At University College London, researchers took their time to trail people of a certain age after taking note about their feelings about their age. As it turned out, those people who felt young at heart lived longer than those who didn’t, according to a CNN Health report.

The study discovered that people who felt that they were younger than their actual age ended up living more years than those who confessed to feeling older than their real age or simply felt like their actual age. As such, according to the researchers, feeling young can lower the rate of death as the study suggested.

The researchers sampled some 6,489 people who had an average age of 65.8 years. In a follow-up eight years later, the researchers found that most of the people who said they felt younger than their actual age survived compared to those who felt older than their real age. The scientists discovered that just about 14% of the sample that felt young at heart had died after eight years compared with over 24% in the sample that felt older. Additionally, 18% of the people who felt like their real age died over the same period. It was also discovered that traits such as conscientiousness and optimism also helped people to live longer.

The study furthers found out that people who feel older than their real age are likely to be targets of health promotions that tout positive living and attitudes regarding aging.

Aging is something that a human certainly has to deal with at some point in life. However, understanding how to perceive aging is an important hint for people who desire to live longer. In addition to just feeling young at heart and stopping to worry about your actual age, research has also shown that people who are happy tend to live longer. Now there is a reason to smile knowing that your age does not matter, what matters is how you perceive it.

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