Though researchers are yet to understand how Oxytocin works in a human body a lot more has been discovered. The hormone spray commonly referred to as “love Hormone” is said to reduce a man’s appetite by reducing calorie consumption in men to a certain percentage. It is also said to be play an effective role to those who are seeking to reduce body fat.


The study was carried out by a team of researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston and a sample of 25 males of 27 years on average was used. The batch was divided into two – one was for normal weight men and the other was for the obese men. The lead researcher, Elizabeth Lawson indicated that the results were exhilarating.

A single dose of Oxytocin would have men take less breakfast meal and more fat would be burnt. The same men were able to handle their blood sugar more effectively. “This is just one dose. This means much more can be achieved if the dose was increased.” Lawson noted. There is a likelihood that one would lose 9 pounds in 12 weeks which would translate to 35 pounds in a year.

Although this spray did cause dizziness, nasal irritation and drowsiness it did not have any effects on the heart rate and the blood pressure of the participants. Besides, the spray whose approval is only in Europe seems to have some potential in the treatment of type 2 diabetes alongside the metabolic complications. However, a lot more need to be verified by carrying out a more intense study and possibly include women in it.

Oxytocin has been found also to play an important role in new mothers who have just given birth since it controls bleeding. It induces labor and also increases human intimacy. Given the fact that seeking proper medication has become so costly, it is believed that Oxytocin would fit in well for some medications. A dosage of three times a day would last one a month.

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    It “helps in reducing men appetite…”!? Whatever that is!


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