Toronto, Canada – A group of researchers had been studying BRCA1 gene mutation. Lately, they carried out a study that removal of ovaries can help in reducing breast cancer deaths. It has been observed that removing ovaries help in countering or jettisoning 62% of issues pertaining to breast cancer, especially curing cases of BRCA1 gene mutation.

A group of researchers is hailing from Women’s College Research Institute located in Toronto, Canada. They opted to carry out and come up with detailed observations.


Scope of research

Women, diagnosed with BRCA1 or BRCA2, have major probabilities of developing instances of breast cancer later during their lifetime. They are also duly posed to have their second breasts affected and developed ovarian cancer in due course.

The researchers have carried out a detailed study on 676 women folks, diagnosed with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutation. Even a few had already breast cancer in the early stages.

Oophorectomy, a life-saver solution

The procedure called Oophorectomy is used to remove ovaries. Among the ones studied, 345 underwent oophorectomy, whereas 331 women retained both of their ovaries. Dr. Mary L. Disis, Chief Editor, JAMA Oncology published this study. The researcher stated that the results of the potential oophorectomy were marvelous.

Women who got their ovaries removed have survival benefits against the breast cancers caused owing to estrogen receptors.

Finally, the researchers have inferred that carrying out oophorectomy is the best option available to survive the deadly breast cancer. They also recommended this procedure to be adopted as a part of the current treatments for the diagnosis of BRCA mutation carriers, with breast cancers at the early stages.


The limitations pertaining to this research are, only women with breast cancer cases in Stage 1 and 2 were assessed and analyzed. No advanced staged patients were assessed. A detailed research on the advanced breast cancer cases, and holistic observation of adopting oophorectomy to treat early-stage patients should be analyzed correctly.

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