A recent research conducted by the Sun Yat-sen University in China revealed that mere 40 minutes in the sun can help kids in keeping off the event of nearsightedness or myopia.

The study, which is published in Journal of the American Medical Association, took into account about 1,800 children from standard 1st to 12th in Guangzhou, China’s primary schools. Half of these students were asked to attend an extra 40-minute class involving outdoor activities. This category was added to the general school day. The parents were asked to prompt kids to attend this class after the school hours. The remaining half was asked to continue with the usual activity pattern.

The study which was conducted over a time span of 3 years revealed at the end that 30.4% of the kids who spent time in the outdoor activities were nearsighted. In contrast, the kids who spent more time inside had more chances of myopia or nearsightedness. This percentage accounted for 39.5%.

The lead author of this study, He Mingguang said that this research provided a clear-cut proof of preventing myopia by simple outdoor activities. He Mingguang explained that this was just a simple health prevention activity that can considerably reduce the myopia rate without even hampering the schoolwork. He also added that the nearsightedness in children can be entirely controlled by adding two hours of daily open-air activities in everyday routine.

The researchers also called it a “clinically significant” research because the chances of children progressing to the higher level of myopia increases if they have already developed the symptoms at the younger age. Therefore, the researchers explained, a delay in this process among young children can be beneficial for long-term in their eye health.

Another professor from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Michael Repka, in another editorial wrote that this research is “particularly important” since it indicates prevention solution that is free of cost and also has other health-related advantages.

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