In a new study, it was revealed that increase in temperature in the American Northwest over the past century is due to the natural shift in ocean winds. Earlier it was believed that rise in temperature was due to increase in greenhouse gases including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous dioxide, etc. A new Research was published in peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, on Monday. Pacific Northwest has seen a rise in temperature of about one and half degree Celsius since 1900.

The research was based on the deep analysis of air pressure and ocean surface temperature from 1900 to 2012. “What we found was the somewhat surprising degree to which the winds can explain all the wiggles in the temperature curve,” said James Johnstone, a climatologist and the study’s lead author. “It explains practically every wiggle in the ocean temperature variations. It’s a phenomenal correlation. So apparently, there are other factors stronger than the greenhouse forcing that is affecting those temperatures,” he added.

This new research raised many controversies, and many climate scientists found it very hard to digest. They believe that study is based on correlated data between wind pressure and ocean surface temperature, and did not do the statistical and computer analysis to show the cause of warming in the Pacific Northwest.

“This may say more about the state of climate modelling than it says about causes of warming in the Pacific Northwest,” Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Department of Global Ecology, said in an email. “The authors have not established the causes of these atmospheric pressure variations. Thus, claims that the observed temperature increases are due primarily to `natural’ processes are suspect and premature, at best.”

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  1. Cris Cassity

    The study actually says the increase in temperature to be 8tenths of a degree Celsius or 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit. It also shows that most of the warming occurred between 1920and 1940 when CO2 was at its LOWEST.


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