Suicide has been reported to cause more deaths in the United States especially among the people of ages 10 – 24 years. Suicide attempts among the middle aged youths are on the rise. According to Public Health Officials various causes have been pointed out which include financial problems, depression, unemployment and relationship problems. Apparently the rate is higher in teenage girls and younger women than it is in men and teenage boys. It stands at three times higher in female than in male.


The states that have been noted to have higher rates of suicide have been said to have an economic downturn and the Great Recession. Some of these cities include Rhode Island, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oregon and Oklahoma. The increase in suicide in these cities has been rated hand in hand with the increase in unemployment with Rhode Island having the highest increase rate of 129.4 in unemployment and 114.1 in suicide attempts.

However, there is argument that it is not more of the recession, but behavioral health and relationship problems have greatly been pointed out. The bad part of the coin is that many middle aged adults are still not able to identify with their problems hence they have no idea of where to seek help when they are depressed.

“There is more self-killing, suffocation and strangling among the teens that is troubling” This is according toThomas Simon a suicide. However, more studies are still been carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the published statistical data, thesuicide rate for middle-aged adults stood at 27deaths and 24.2deaths per every 100,000people in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

As a result of all the above statistics, public officials have been called out to confront and prevent the stigmas leading to the middle – aged youths in contemplating suicide. They could consider training law enforcement officers on what they should do when they encounter a person with mental health crisis.It is also important that awareness is created to members of the community.

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