There is no denying the fact that trans fats cause obesity and associated risks like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes among others, but a new study has emerged to indicate that trans fats have a role to play in memory loss for young adults – especially as it relates to remembering words.

And you sure don’t want to stutter and fight to remember a few words when you are standing right before your boss with some files in your hands, do you?


Presented at the American Heart Association 2014 Scientific Sessions, the study lead author Alexis K. Bui proved that every gram of dietary trans fats consumed per day is associated with the ability of individuals to recollect 0.76 words – meaning that you lose ability to remember about 11 words every day you consume one gram of trans fats in foods.

It must be recalled that trans fats are most common in junk foods bought or ordered from fast food joints, and they are also dominating in baked or caked food items. You ought therefore to take into account the amount of trans fats contained in fast or junk foods you order for, and you might even want to read the label to ascertain the nutritional composition of the food.

Taking their BMI and blood pressure into account, about 1018 young adults that make up of 694 aged 20-45 were analyzed for trans fat intake and word memory loss; post menopausal women without any history of coronary artery disease were also included in the research. Overall, the researchers found that trans fats are pro-oxidant, that is, they cause oxidations and this in turn causes cell damage and oxidative stress. And some studies tend to associate aggressive behavior with too much intake of trans fats.

Beatrice A. Golomb, MD, PhD, the senior study author and a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego, adds that trans fats affects young adults of 45 and under, and it causes memory loss when they need it most in their career-building years.

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