The first of the hotly anticipated supermoon nights is here and will be available for all star gazers to be enjoyed and savored. The moon will appear a bit bigger and also brighter than other full moon. The moon in its elliptical journey around the Earth comes closest on Supermoon nights and therefore looks a little bigger and brighter.

If you are not a star gazer, still it will be worth a look since the Moon will be at its best. This is the first of three supermoons which will happen in as many months. For the ordinary, it is known as supermoon but for any astronomer this phenomenon is known as “perigee” moon. “Perigee” moon happens at a time when the moon is 30,000 miles or 50,000 kilometers closer to the Earth during its elliptical journey around Earth.

The farthest point in the moon’s journey around the earth is known as apogee. Supermoon is not that much unusual since it happens once every 13 months and 18 days. Last year also there were three supermoons in a row but it was not widely reported like this time.

The next supermoon will happen on 10th August when the moon will be 863 miles closer than tonight and so the moon will look a wee bit bigger than tonight. If you happen to miss out the second supermoon , don’t get disheartened , the third supermoon will rise on 9th September.

The supermoon will be at its fullest glory at 4.25 A.M. local time.

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