Reports claim that this supernova is nothing but a trick of light, which can help the scientists in testing the difficult structure of the cosmos. A detailed report about the supernova and the observations of the team of scientists that discovered it was published in the Journal Science on Friday.


Those who are interested in astronomy, they know that an exploding star can become supernova only for once, but if luck favors, then you can see it many a times. Out of hundreds of teams that are trying to unearth secrets about supernova across the globe, one team has found something very interesting. According to reports, the team of scientists has found four different images of the same supernova, arranged in a cross shape.

How Is It Important:

The cross-shaped supernova is called the Einstein Cross, which was first predicted almost 100 years ago. As per the reports, Sjur Refsdal discovered the Einstein Cross. He was a Norwegian astrophysicist who died in 2009. The supernova has been named as SN Refsdal in his honor.

On this discovery, Richard Ellis, Caltech Astronomer said that Refsdal didn’t live long enough to see this discovery, but he would be glad to see it happening now. Ellis worked with Refsdal years ago. He further added that nobody could question the art of nature by looking at this supernova.

According to reports, the newly found SN Refsdal supernova is located around 9.3 billion light-years away from the earth. Hardly any telescope can make it to that long. Fortunately, the supernova is at least 20 times brighter than any ordinary supernova, which has made it possible for the scientists to locate it. It’s very rare event; hence, if the scientists can carry out their experiments in the right direction, then they can reveal quite a few very important facts.

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