The Gift by Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle new CD “The Gift” will be released for Christmas [out Tuesday 11/9/10]. It invokes the the Spirit of the Christmas Season.

The Cd out Tuesday will mix Christmas tunes with evergreen songs by Leonard Cohen, Lue Reed and Crowded House. Boyle a devout Catholic, was attracted to the spiritual songs “O Holy Night” and “Away in the Manger.”

SoundScan is hoping that “The Gift” will follow the same quadruple-platinum album “Dreamed a Dream” released last year. Which sold more copies in its first week than any debut by a female artist in SoundScan’s 19 year history.

Susan Boyle, famously shy as a singer, who raised to fame during the TV show “Britain’s Got Talent.” Has not plans for a tour but will be traveling to New York for some live TV and promotional appearances. Return to he home in time for Christmas, Blackburn, Scotland.

Look for the CD to hit the Stores on Tuesday or you can Pre-Order it here ==> Pre Order “The Gift”

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