Symantec, the company behind the Norton security products has recently confirmed what several users have been feeling for decades,  that their Anti-virus software is of no use. Well, at least in the present situation and in future. We do not know if the statement by Symantec reflects on the deteriorating revenues and the result of losing interest in Anti-Virus products, but we do know that they have come up with a very good solution for tackling viruses. Unfortunately the solution seems to be vague at its best.

Norton Anti-virus

According to a latest survey, Norton Anti-Virus is extremely capable of capturing 45% of the cyber attacks today which might seem a big achievement, with the way I put it here, but in reality, that is downright poor. What traditional anti-virus software does is to continually update the list of viruses found, download updates, fixes and try to scan the system for the presence of viruses from the database. This,according to Symantec , seems very outdated and not actually efficient in current scenario.

Current Anti-virus software approaches the  tackling of viruses by considering that the system is intact and any new intrusion might cause disruption to the system’s integrity. But Symantec proposes a new approach where the software considers that the system is in a state of threat all the time and is very vulnerable to attacks and it has to protect the system efficiently. This new approach, which might seem like an excuse to use more memory and bring the system down to its knee, actually might be a good solution to prevent the system from being hacked or attacked from hackers.

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  1. unbound55

    This new approach, which might seem like an excuse to use more memory and bring the system down to its knee…

    From the company that brings you the most unstable and resource hungry security software in the market; not really interested in them creating a product that will likely be even worse.


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