Scientists have found that vitamin D can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer significantly. As per the reports, there was a research work conducted at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. According to this study, vitamin D could protect some patients from colorectal cancer by executing the vigilance of the immune system against tumor cells responsible for colorectal cancer. The researchers involved in the study have claimed that the sunshine vitamin plays a key role in the prevention of cancer.

Insights from the study:

Shuji Ogino, the senior author of the study, said that vitamin D could reduce the risk of colorectal cancer a big time. She is a Ph.D., and MD of Women’s Hospital, Dana-Farber, Harvard School of Public Health. According to her, those who have a high level of vitamin D in their bloodstream, possess lesser risk of suffering from colorectal cancer.

As per the laboratory research, vitamin D boosts the functions and efficiency of the immune system by activating T cells, which further recognize and destroy all the cancer cells. The main objective of the team of researchers was to recognize if this fact was true or not.

Is there any chance that the role of vitamin D in the immune system is responsible for the reduced rate of colorectal cancer in those people who have enhanced circulating level of vitamin?

In order to find the exact answer of this question, the team of researchers considered the data received from 170,000 participants in Health Professionals Follow-up Study and Health Study of Nurses. After that, they selected as many as 318 people suffering from colorectal cancer and 624 people, who didn’t have any cancer related issue. They checked the samples of blood of all the participants in 1990, when they didn’t have cancer. Several tests were conducted, which revealed that patients with a high level of 25(OH)D had lesser chances of developing cancer. Here, 25(OH)D is nothing but the substance produced by vitamin D in the liver.

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  1. vivky

    Vitamin D is known to have many benefits in various diseases and also has a
    impact on inflammatory pathways. Due to its effect on inflammatory mediator it
    may be effective for cancer but there is no evidence on it. For evidenced based
    guidelines to treat cancer check http://www.treatmentguideline. com cancer section. If
    recommended by these guidelines than Vitamin D can be used in appropriate does
    for cancer.


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