Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has sent a team of engineers in Africa and similar regions where the connectivity and handsets are not as robust. The social networking giant has sent a team to analyze how the Facebook for Android app behaves under low connectivity hardware specifications. The analysis done will be used to improve the overall performance of the Facebook app.

“We purchased several different Android handsets to test the latest version of the Facebook app — and the testing process proved to be difficult. The combination of an intermittent, low-bandwidth network connection and lack of memory space on the devices resulted in slow load times and constant crashes. We even burned through our monthly data plans in 40 minutes.” Alex Sourov, Facebook engineering manager, wrote in a blog.

Facebook wants to improve the overall performance of the apps running on old smartphones and those who are having low hardware specifications such as weak processor and low memory.

The social networking giant is leaning towards connecting more people across the world. Facebook said, “In terms of performance, we wanted to improve slow start times on old devices. In the beginning, we focused on instrumenting the startup path and understanding the bottlenecks. There was no silver bullet in this process – we needed to carefully identify and remove each potential bottleneck.”

“We also wanted the stories in News Feed to load faster. In order to rapidly display cached content on poor networks, we now fetch stories earlier in the process to allow more time to set up connections and download News Feed. The cold start path has been automated to ensure that we prevent further regressions in these areas.” the company added.

In the past also, whenever Facebook has sent any team to collect data and research for improving the performance, it has always resulted in better performance. Facebook apps are comparatively low on data and resource consumption.

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