The Monitoring the Future survey which holds yearly has found that teens’ use of marijuana in 2014 has reduced significantly across country against the fears of parents and watch-groups in the face of its legalization and availability.

Parents and governmental as well as non-governmental agencies had hoped that the legalization and available of marijuana would result in more teens and youths taking advantage to use the controlled substance, but they were surprised that the survey concluded that age groups reported a significant reduction in the use of the substance. For instance, the survey reveals that teens reporting on lifetime use of cannabis dropped by 1.4% in 2014, and those reporting monthly use reported a reduction by 1.2%.

The Monitoring the Future research is conducted annually and has been operational for the past 40 years. For now, it faces measuring the use of marijuana for eight graders, 10th graders, and 12th graders across a lifetime use, yearly use, monthly use, and daily use.

And according to Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “We have not seen increases in the use, which is something we were afraid would happen.” And this appears to be corroborated by the survey which showed that 30% of teens testified to having used marijuana in their lifetimes while 14% confessed to using it only the previous month.

The drop in marijuana use seems to tally with the reduction witnessed in the abuse of prescription drugs, use of alcohol, and cigarette smoking. And according to Lloyd Johnston of the University of Michigan, the overall results were actually “music to the ears of the nation’s parents.”

The study also found that teens’ perception of the harmfulness of marijuana is very low, in fact declined, during the research and this is largely against the expectations of health officials. There is also the fact that how marijuana is consumed in approved states differ from those in states where medical marijuana is not approved; for instance, teens in states that approve weed have a one and half chances of consuming marijuana through edible products than teens from states that have not legalized medical marijuana.

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