Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) announced yet another software update for Model S. Adding another exciting update to the very popular electric car from Tesla, the Model S, company now allows its owners to start the car remotely and do a lot more from the software. It is without a doubt that the updates from Tesla are unbeatable, and no other company comes close to this type of performance level.

According to the Tesla Motor, all the cars that were sold since mid-2012 will be able to install over the air update released on Friday. Egil Juliussen, Director of Research and Automotive Electronic Technology for IHS Automative said that the cars that were sold since mid-2012 will be eligible for receiving over-the-air update.

“The cost savings alone will make it very attractive for the auto manufacturers to use over-the-air software upgrades,” said Juliussen.

Talking about the software update, this new update helps users in evading the traffic jams, turn the car using a smartphone, adjust suspension, assign a nickname to the car and a lot more. It is being said that the company is providing features directly to the cars which are still being tested by other companies on their prototype.

Unarguably, the Tesla Motors is among the top car manufacturers, whereas Morgan Stanley auto analyst Adam Jonas has been one of the loudest Tesla bulls on Wall Street, and he continued to refer to Tesla as the “the world’s most important car company” in his latest report.

Most of the companies are trying to update their cars over the air, however, for most of the important the owners have to take them to the dealer for upgrade. Forcing other fellow companies to do the same, Tesla is setting up a new trend in over the air update.

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