Venus has a firm surface hardened with mountains and ridges according to a revelation by detailed radar and satellite images. Scientists are said to have been able to capture spectacular images right from the earth regardless of the fact that more often than not radar imaging depend on on spacecraft like NASA’s Magellan.

The technique used to achieve this is said to be able to achieve numerous images though on different timings. The scientists can later on take to comparing these images as they look out for any form of changes or movements.

The revelation came as a result of combined efforts of two powerful tools which are the radar transmitter at the NSF’s Arecibo Observatory and the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Green Bank Telescope (GBT). Using these two facilities, it was clear to see the detailed images of Venus’ surface which is said to be hidden away from into a thick coating comprising of carbon dioxide clouds.

The look of planet Venus without clouds is like a South Park Character

The unearthing of this has thrilled many planetary scientists who have indicated that results achieved represent more of mountains and craters. However, plans are still underway for comparison of these images over a period of time which is expected to give a lee way into the active geologic processes on Venus.

“The comparison of these images could be tasking as they search for any evidence of change”. This was said by Bruce Campbell, the Senior Scientist at Center for Earth and Planetary Studies. However, combination of images from the current and the earlier observations is currently going on besides other process and a wealth of helpful insights is expected. Campbell explained. It is expected that a research paper this comparisons of images will soon appear on the Journal Icarus.

Planet Venus which is at a distance of 25million miles comes in seconds in size after the sun which orbits it every 224.7 earth days. If you look at it using a lighter telescope, you will see something similar to a clouded marble.

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