President, Barack Obama, has shown himself to be a caring visionary for his people. On 27th March 2015, he announced a five year plan to develop drugs to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria. The move is considered as one of the needs of the hour. Since people are taking antibiotics for a number of illnesses, but the bacterium seems to find a way back into their system. Additionally, the new bacterium also starts to develop immunity to the antibiotics making the drug ineffective.

The President’s plan includes research that is wound around preventing the spread of resistant antibiotic resistant bacterium. This is coupled with improvements to the monitoring and diagnostics systems of resistive bacteria strains and much more.

What we expect to see as an outcome of this plan is the replacement of old antibiotics with new ones, but this time the health care officials would also keep a close check on how the bacteria changes to define the right dose for complete elimination of the bacterium.

The Obama Administration Unveils Plans for a Bacteria Free World

Antibiotics have been the main tool in the fight against diseases, since the discovery of penicillin in 1928. The immunity developed by the bacterium is a great hindrance in the pursuit of a disease free world. Furthermore, scientists have had to develop risky procedures to fight and eliminate these bacteria, which have included chemotherapy, dialysis, surgeries, etc. This is why about 23000 people fall prey to drug resistant bacteria in the United States alone.

The action plan also includes enhancing the domestic and international capacity of healthcare to prevent the outbreak of resistant bacteria related diseases. The plan also aims to double the amount of research funding for fight against resistive bacterium, in the FY 2016 up to $1.2 billion. Additionally, the US government plans to seek support from other governments and organizations in a pursuit to curb the earth of this pest.

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  1. jmb

    FGMM said it best.. i have one thing to add.. he wants to rid the earth of bacteria the article said. How does one ignore the fact of evolution. The very reason we have the superbugs are mutated/evolved bugs that survived anti-biotics. The whole thing seems like a way to give some cash to more supporters like the Solanderia thing.. The money will be going down a rat-hole.

  2. FGMM

    When the story starts out with a blatant lie: “President, Barack Obama, has shown himself to be a caring visionary for his people. ” you know what follows is going to be B.S.. Unless of course you happen to be a fellow radical muslim or socialist pustule.

  3. Fed up with the Feds

    I am NOT one of “its” people! This article reads like the writer believes oduma is king of America.


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