Mayo Clinic – It is an established fact that men over the age of 40 start losing their memory faster than their women counterparts and the process only increases, with passing time. Several, well known researchers have tried to identify the reasons for this unusual phenomenon occurring with the elderly male population.

After extensive research, American scientists concluded that the hippocampus part of the brain that is responsible for memory storage shrinks in size, much faster than it does in women. Generally, the process of declining memory starts from the age of 30 onwards and gradually accelerates as the years go by.

The reasons behind men losing their faster than women as they grow older

The hippocampus region of the brain in women was far protected from the shrinkage process on account of the oestrogen hormone that prevents the neurons from losing their potency as they do in case of males. However, in clinical trials conducted over a period of years, within the age group of 35 to 90 displayed a gradual decrease in memory in almost all people.

Senior doctors and scientists state that this not unusual. The rest of the body is also losing vitality with age, then why not brain. Women however, are protected till they reach menopause, after which they are more or less at par with males in this department. The advantage still remains with them as they stay protected from memory loss till a much later date.

Dr. Clifford Jack from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester who has been actively conducting extensive research in the field of memory loss has concluded that almost every human being will have low memory as they grow older. The only difference is that women in most cases stay protected for a slightly longer period of time. The reason for this was the lower hippocampus volume was less in men when they were 40 to women when they were 60 years old.

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