Kelly Felix

Everyone has heard of The Rich Jerk Course. This course was ground breaking and the personality behind the course was simply over the top. The Rich Jerk basically darned you to buy his information or leave him along.


An amazing over the top personality of the Rich Jerk was fueled buy the following he created over the years. Finally the creator the alter ego sold this business and faded away for awhile.

Kelly Felix is the master mind behind the original Rich Jerk course. He came clean about his alter ego, and has since spent countless hours trying to convince everyone that he is really not the “Rich Jerk” that he invented.

If you think about it, Kelly is truly an internet master mind. Developing an alter ego that was so strong, everyone on the internet both hated him and still bought his products in droves.

While not Kelly’s newest product, and one that he is no longer attached to, it is one that you should take a look at this course as you will be amazed at its effectiveness in convincing you to buy it.

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