It’s only been a week, and Florida has seen yet another sinkhole that almost swallowed a car in it. After two sinkholes formed in the Pasco County, Florida, this third one is just few blocks away. The hole is about six feet deep and is ten feet wide. 

”My car…the passenger side tires were in the hole and the frame was holding up,” resident Nicole Timpe told the reporters. “I was really scared and I thought my car was going to go under.”

The first sinkhole was generated with a size of about ten feet by ten feet, which swallowed an entire sedan in it. Then this Tuesday another sink hole was formed in the same locality, while the investigators were struggling to find the reason for the first one. 

The reason behind could be anything, it can be a tree with roots that deep or something more severe.

“It could be anything like the roots from the tree behind me to something more severe, and we just don’t know looking from the ground up,” said Pasco County spokesman Doug Tobin. The officials have suspended the sewer work near the area, and there is no order for evacuation until now.

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  1. Sam Hill

    Under ground aliens got the munchies for auto parts. Tomorrow it may be motorcycles or nucler plants .


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