Thirteen people were shot at a park in Chicago Thursday night, said authorities. One of the 13 was a boy who is just 3 years of age and was shot in the head.

In all ten adults and the young boy were transported in ambulances following the attack in the South Side of the city. Another victim is thought to have driven to the hospital, said a source in the police department.

Police later said that there were 13 people shot – the boy, two teenagers and 10 adults. They reported that the most serious wound was suffered by the young boy.

Authorities said the bullet entered the boy’s ear and had exited his mouth. He was at Mount Sinai Hospital listed in critical condition.

The shootings took place at approximately 10:15 pm on Thursday and hoards of ambulances arrived at the scene.

Police in Chicago released no information about what took to the public. The only comment the police have said is the shooting appears to have been related to gangs.

Three of those shot, including the young boy, were taken to area hospitals in serious to critical condition. Four were fair to serious and four good to fair, according to a report released by the Chicago Fire Department.

At one point, as many as 60 police officers were on hand at the shooting scene. Investigators as the crime lab combed the entire scene and by 1:00 am, firefighters used water hoses to clean all the blood from the park’s basketball court where the shooting had occurred.

The victims ranged in age from 3-years old to 41-years old, while 10 were male and 3 female.

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