Over 500 skywatchers across the US had reported sighting fireballs flash across the American skies on Monday, but two have been confirmed by experts as real while the third appeared to be a stunt pulled by Red Bull. Fiery spatial objects shining brighter than the planet Venus and streaking across the skies are called fireballs – and one was reported at 9:30 am CST over Arkansas; the second was reported at 6:30 pm CST in Chicago; and the third was spotted at West Virginia at around 6:22 pm EST. NASA analysts maintain that while the streaming objects spotted over Arkansas and West Virginia appear to be meteors, the one reported over Chicago appears to be fake and man-made.

An analysis of the dark video footage of the Chicago sighting on closer examination reveals that a man wearing a wingsuit had jumped out of a plane over Lake Michigan in Chicago, and released a bright spark of lights that streamed after him in the air.

NASA’s Meteorite Environment Office head, Bill Cooke also analyzed the dark video and initially said it was “a bit of a puzzle,” but later noted that the shining object moved “much slower than a normal meteor,” and this would indicate that it was a fake meteor that was definitely man-made. Video Courtesy: BBC | Image Credit: American Meteor Society.

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