At least three people died after consuming Listeria laced ice-cream products. Another two persons also developed symptoms of food poisoning after having ice-cream from the same company. Ice-cream products from a company in Texas have been recalled after three of the five Kansas hospital patients developed food borne illness after consuming ice-cream of the company.

The problem first came to notice during a routine product sampling conducted on ice –cream products by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control at a distribution center in South Carolina.

The Listeria bacteria were detected in samples of different products which included candy bars, scoops, stick slices, bars and cookies.


The above information was released by FDA and Ten Blue Bell Ice Cream products have been recalled and retailers have been advised not to serve or sell the above products. They have also been advised to wash and sanitize the display cases which have been holding these products.

Consumers have also been advised to follow the above mentioned procedures even if they have consumed them without and symptoms of Listeria being developed.

The Blue Bell Company in its website has stated that all the suspect products have been recalled right from the stage of storage and stores. The company also added that this has been the first recall of its products in its 108 years of existence.

Listeriosis is bacteria precipitated ailment and is characterized by high fever, muscle aches, diarrhea or other GI symptoms. Listeriosis can develop even after two months of eating the contaminated food and the symptoms start within a few days. Listeriosis can be easily treated with antibiotics.

Health Officials have reported that patients after eating prepackaged, single-serving products called “Scoops”, or milkshakes made from those products reported sick. The advisory does not feature Blue Bell cups, pints or half gallons.

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    I eat this ice cream every day. It keeps my diabetes in check.


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