Microsoft with a lot fall back in console market is now trying to take back with a very much anticipated and revolutionary game “Titanfall”. Company announced a free copy of this game for the individuals who purchase a $499 Xbox One, where title alone costs a price of $60. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronics Art, “Titanfall” has received a lot of promotion by the company since last June.

Without any further delay, the retailers are planning to have midnight launch events across 6000 retail stores worldwide. For now the “Titanfall” is only for Xbox 360, Xbox One and computers having Windows. So if you are having a Apple computer or PlayStation you have to wait till it get released for it.

In an interview, Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for devices and studios at Microsoft said, ” ‘Titanfall’ is an incredibly important game and it’s coming at an important time,”.

Like most of the games having battlegrounds, ‘Titanfall’ is also an FPS(first-person shooter) but with a newly designed urban environment and guns.

The battleground in this game is an urban area, and there a gamer can walk, run or fly across the building with a jet pack, they can also operate autonomous robots called ‘Titans’ and with an ability to be played online, ‘Titanfall’ is just not limited to being a single or multiplayer game.

Talking about role of Microsoft except playing it on Xbox One, Vince Zampella, Respawn’s chief executive said, “Microsoft servers power functions like the artificial intelligence of the game’s computer-controlled characters, freeing up the videogame console to focus on creating more detailed animations.”

While almost every review has been a positive one, many of them say that it is going to revolutionize the shooters. Also, Patrick Soderlunds said, “Titanfall will help propel the idea of high-definition gaming,”.

A few days ago Sony also revealed statistics about sales of 6 million PlayStation 4 units including 370,000 units in Japan alone, beating its rival Microsoft’s Xbox One with just 3 million units.

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