Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins remains in critical condition following his hospitalization for cardiac arrest. He is admitted at the University of Toledo Medical Center. Dr. Christopher Cooper, cardiologist and Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at the Center, said that Mr. Collins is heavily sedated and is being closely monitored in the intensive care unit.

Dr. Cooper also expressed concern over Mr. Collins’ recovery and said it will be too early to establish the likelihood of his recovery at this point.

Stacy Weber, spokesperson for Mayor Collins, noted that additional update on his health condition will be made 10:00 a.m. Monday.

Dr. Cooper noted that the mayor arrived at the emergency room at 02:22 p.m. Only limited information was available about Mayor Collins, other than he suffered a cardiac arrest. Mr. Collins, aged 70, met with an accident as his vehicle crashed into a utility pole. A window was broken to get him out of the car, where he was found unconscious. An unnamed citizen, later identified as Evelyn Johnson, initiated care and performed CPR at the onset.

Mayor Collins was reported to be driving around the city to check road conditions during a snowstorm. His car got crashed on Hill Avenue. Collins, a retired Toledo police officer, was elected to the City Council in 2007 and as mayor of Toledo in January 2014.

Robert Reinbolt, Chief of Staff, urged citizens to keep Mr. Collins in their prayers. Both Mr. Reinbolt and Dr. Cooper extended appreciation to the citizen.

Mr. Reinbolt also announced that Ms. Hicks-Hudson would become acting mayor as Mr. Collins treatment is anticipated to take some more days.

Ms. Hicks-Hudson, 63, was sworn in by law director Adam Loukx at 05:23 p.m. She is also holding the office of council president since October 2012. She was elected to her current term late in 2011.

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