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With the large amount of products being released this past month, all of them promise the same thing “magic get rich …. yack yack.” It’s a wonder that people keep looking for more courses.

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But why do people keep buying these products that make huge promises but seldom deliver?


Every once in a great while, one of these products actually works, and people make an amazing amount of money from them.

Tom Bell just released Auto Power Blogs yesterday. But what is this product and is it worth the hype (Cash Maker) or is it a Cash Taker (your Cash)?

Here is the fact’s:

The creator Tom Bell is an internet veteran that has built his reputation on solid products over the years. These products have help people change their lives.  His honest sales letters make promises his products deliver, and he treats his customer right even if they want a refund.

Making Money Online takes time, effort and energy. But there is a shortcut!

Ok, that… that just makes sense. In fact, that’s the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of hype. That’s just… true.

Of course if he’s telling the truth, that means he’s offering a short-cut.

[Watch It In Action Here]

Making Money Online comes down to assistance with the easy stuff

Ok… well, I can’t really argue with that either, as long as its true.

So what is this product that has these crazy promises?

This is a set of 10 money-making websites, updated weekly, at a price just about anybody can afford.

The best part?

All of the updates have UNIQUE content, not just a bunch of PLR content or stuff from foreign writers – it’s real, professional writers updating your sites for you.

You can upgrade your account to  DAILY updates, which from the search engines is an important feature.

Check them out now by clicking the link on this page.

[Watch It In Action Here]

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