The tourist from the U.S. who was gang raped in India on Tuesday morning has picked out all three attackers from a lineup following a lockdown by police in the area.

The American was raped after not being able to find a cab back to Manali where her guest house is. Manali is a very popular tourist area in India.

While authorities in India seem to have been efficient for this incident, the horror of the latest rape in India is not making other tourists in the country feel safe.

Investigators were able to obtain the number of a cell phone believed to be owned by the main suspect in the rape and were able to track down the other men in the attack.

Authorities said the three men would be taken to court to be charged after being identified on Thursday afternoon. It appears the men picked the woman up, who has now been identified as being from California and 31 years of age, at just after 1:00 am. She had been visiting friends but could not get a cab back to where she was staying in Manali and started to hitchhike.

The men promised to take her home but allegedly drove their pickup to an area that was secluded and raped her for at least an hour.According to reports, the three men were all between 22 and 24 years of age.

This latest alleged attack is just one more of many that has surfaced amidst outrage nationwide over the past six months. It is also just one of many in which the victim was a tourist.

A businessman in Kolkata was arrested Wednesday for raping a woman who volunteered at a charity for children. The woman is from Ireland.

Last March a cyclist from Switzerland was gang-raped in the presence of her husband. The gang rapes and rapes are now the only major stories the rest of the world is reading about and that has crippled the tourism industry in India.

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