Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) has announced the recall of thousands of vehicles that are believed to have defective air bags. The company said the recalls will take place in its home country Japan and China. The air bags in question were supplied by Japanese manufacturer Takata, according to an article by Fox News.

Toyota has issued a recall notice for 185,000 vehicles in Japan and another 5,000 vehicles in China. The recall captures different vehicle models manufactured between September 2002 and December 2003. According to Toyota, the air bag problem was discovered when the bags were intentionally deployed during scrapping.

Addressing passenger safety

The company said that the air bags targeted in the current recalls are those in the passenger compartment. Those on the driver side were not supplied by Takata, which is currently at the center of safety scandal in several markets including the U.S.

Toyota Motor’s air bag safety recall in Japan and China captures models that include Will, Voxy, Noah and Mark II.

The U.S. regulators have been pressing Takata to undertake nationwide recall of the vehicles suspected to have the defective air bags. However, the auto supplier has defied such calls, saying that the vehicle manufacturers needed to do the recall but it was ready to cooperate with them to address the safety issue.

Several death and injuries have been linked to the Takata air bag problem worldwide. An estimated 14 million vehicles have also been recalled across the world over the defective air bags from Takata.

Investigating the problem

Toyota Motor Corp revealed that it had not recorded any fatalities in relation to the air bag problem. However, it was making the recall as a precautionary measure to protect its customers. The company said it will investigate the course of the problem. Takata also said it was investigating the issue, but the company has relentlessly defended the safety of its air bags.

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