A 21-year old from New York, Annais Rittenberg, was killed in California at a summer camp, after a tree fell and landed on top of her.

The woman was killed on Wednesday while at a summer camp near California’s Yosemite National Park. Rittenberg was a second year counselor at the Jewish Camp Towanga. She was crushed by the falling tree. The Toulomne County Sheriff’s Dept. reported that the tree fell onto a campfire area outside the camp’s dining hall.

Penny Kreitzer, Rittenberg’s mother, said her daughter loved people, nature and animals. She said that when she heard of the accident she had hoped her daughter was ok.

She then spent a number of hours trying to contact the camp on the phone as well as a hospital that was close to the camp.

Rittenberg was the sister of ESPN football reporter Adam Rittenberg.

Ken Kramarz the Executive Director at the camp said four other camp counselors, all female, had been injured. Two of the four injured were hospitalized. He said none of the children at the camp had been injured.

Rittenberg was due to meet with her mother in California on Saturday. Rittenberg loved the outdoors more than most and did not sleep in a cabin. She preferred a tent that she outfitted with a hammock, books and a set of Christmas lights.

Rittenberg was a University of California Santa Cruz senior who was studying environmental conservation.

In her last conversation with her daughter, Kreitzer said Annais told her she had just climbed Yosemite’s highest peak Mount Lyell.

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  1. Jimbo

    Wooden you know it? I log on and see this. I pine for the family and hope they’re maple to cover funeral costs. Oak-kay, I know that was in bad taste, but come on, lets put our palms together and thank God only one person was killed and not tree.


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