According to a recent report by CNET, the Google owned video hosting site is introducing a new app which will make it more convenient for YouTube users to create, publish, and manage their videos.The latest app from You Tube will open up new opportunities for regular contributors to the site to make money.

The app will be welcome among frequent contributors who regularly upload content to the video hosting site. It will open way for such contributors to make money. The app will be especially useful for the creators of the You Tube web series since it allows more freedom in creating and managing channels.

The app also brings a host of new features to the You Tube. It will make the site more money friendly and offer options for fans to donate or pay directly and will also enable possibilities of crowd funding. Earning money on You Tube will not be restricted to view counts and advertising revenues for content creators. YouTube stars might even be able to offer their biggest fans ad-free service.

Matt Glotzbach, the person in charge of “creator product management” for YouTube elaborates on the new app. The app’s funding module can operate in over 60 languages. This means that the option to earn wills be available for contributors from every part of the globe. It will be a true example of crowd funding.

The idea for the app came from a content creator survey carried out by You Tube. The survey revealed the demands of the serious users of the site. The latest app includes features like delivering streaming revenues to music creators and so also a revamp of the YouTube “Creator Academy,” which helps familiarize new content providers and teach them the finer points of content creation and management

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    As though I would but I have never noticed an donation link on YouTube!


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