Twitter is going to provide MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with no less than $10 million to analyse every tweet that went out since the service started back in the year 2006. MIT is going to use this money to set up a Media lab that will analyze the tweets of users sent out at the micro-blogging website.

“With this investment, Twitter is seizing the opportunity to go deeper into research to understand the role Twitter and other platforms play in the way people communicate, the effect that rapid and fluid communication can have and apply those findings to complex societal issues,” Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said.

With this investment Twitter will be more aware of its service in the social media and scope for the improvements. However, the Media lab’s work is not going to limit itself to the Twitter, it will also expand its research work to the other social networking platforms such as Facebook.

The work would be led under the supervision of MIT lab associate professor Deb Roy, who is also a chief media scientist at the Twitter. “The Laboratory for Social Machines will experiment in areas of public communication and social organization where humans and machines collaborate on problems that can’t be solved manually or through automation alone,” Roy said.

The project is supposedly going to open new doors in the social networking; the company will be able to bring major enhancements in its service. However, the research work will also be able to help other social networking platforms to enhance the overall experience of the user.

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