In a major announcement on Tuesday which is sure to go well with the lovers of this micro blogging platform, Twitter mentioned that it had compiled a list of ALL tweets published on the site ever since it was set up in 2006. Being called the “Tweet Index”, this will be available to users of both mobile devices and those signing in through their computers or tablets. It appears in the form of an ‘All’ tab near the search bar.

Twitter wrote in their company blog post that while all tweets have already been available in some or other form of the website, this is the first time ever in the history of Twitter that the users will be able to search the entire Twitter site for results.

“Twitter is very proud to make the entire collection of tweets available to the public. The company’s blog describes the accomplishment as making available “eight years”…..worth of every day that consists of human experiences and major historical events. Now, Twitter is making available a search engine that excels at uncovering hundreds of billions of tweets as historical documents,” said the official Twitter blog.

The users of this site, who could earlier search a list of tweets dating back a few weeks, will now be able entire collection of tweets in this ALL tab. The site owners had earlier been purging tweets from the search index from time to time to keep the recency of tweets intact, though they were saved in their database forever.

The news has got mixed reactions from the audience so far- there are some who are visibly ecstatic about being able to enjoy the rich history of the site, while others are worried about embarrassing tweets or twitter conversations of yore surfacing once again!

The new announcement will mean that users searching a data bank of more than 500 billion tweets since the inception of the site but the owners of this popular platform promise that it will not be a cumbersome or time consuming process, with an entire search being taking no more than 100 milliseconds.

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